Our Recent Work &
Upcoming Projects

Current Projects

Mineral Pellets
for Carry Bag

We have developed prototypes of lime sludge (an industrial waste from the pulping process) and blended with biopolymers which can be used to make films / carry bags / pouches. Valorizing waste and generating new products is achieved in this project.

Flexi pack

We have cracked the inherent structure for compostable flexible packaging. Primarily, the base paper has inherent barrier which aids towards better performance. The laminated film layer is made up of a biopolymer. Various grades are developed to suit more specific applications for food packaging.

Agri-residue furnish

We are developing the optimized furnish chemistry for various agri-residues including our core strength of bagasse. This will enable us to provide solutions in molded food service ware.

Upcoming Projects

Fermentative Extractions for biobased coating materials
Rigid Containers for Frozen Meal Applications
Biomimetic Flexible Films